Why A Patent Attorney Should Conduct The Patent Search?

Inventions need to be protected. Some fellows wouldn’t think twice before trying to steal it from you. Legally put, infringe on your intellectual property. This is where the concept comes in. Patent are the exclusive rights that an inventor is granted to protect the invention from such fellows. The invention can vary from the machine, article of a manufacturer or any new enhancements that the inventor might come up with. The rights are claimed in an official application whose first and crucial stage is the search.

Why You Need a Patent Attorney?
The method of getting hold of patents is not easy. It requires the expertise of a patent attorney. He is also called a patent agent or lawyer in some quarters. He is an expert in patent law and represents his/her clients in acquiring patents and also acts on all affairs and dealings that relate to the patent law and practices like filing an opposition.

The application is an intricate process. This is because unlike a passport application where you are guaranteed of issuance as long as you fulfill the requirement, patents rely on more complicated information. For an application to be successful, it must not only explain the innovation in depth but also elucidate precisely what this breakthrough would keep out other people from doing without permission of the patent holder. You don’t have to worry yourself with these fine details because the lawyer should instead worry on your behalf.

The Patent Search:
However, before seeking to engage the services of a patent attorney, you need to conduct a search. This is the first step in the application towards being granted patents and you can do it on your own. The search is essential as it will enable you aware that indeed the invention is new.

The search, also called prior art, stands for all the information that has been made public in any form including preceding periodicals, publications, web publications, thesis papers or any other information anywhere in the world that has been made public. This means that you have to be as thorough as possible because there is no room for mistakes to ensure that indeed the new invention is unique.

Not only does a thorough search protect and safeguard you from wasting your hard earned resources, but they also help underpin the potency if it is finally issued. This is the reason why a search by the office may not be as far-reaching as may be required due to the limited resources they have.

Since procuring a patent is tedious and will eat up a lot of your resources, time and energy, any slip up in the process may jeopardize the whole process and may even bring down that business that you intend to build around your invention. This means that the services of a patent attorney come in handy here. A competent lawyer should be brought on board to handle a thorough search on your initial search.

Furthermore, the patent attorney will conduct the search using the most economically viable methods available to do the whole search. The lawyers are more comprehensive in their searches strategically aimed at discovering not only what prior art can be established, but also help you determine what exactly can reasonably be expected to be patented. Also, agents will advise you whether it is okay for you to forge ahead with your application as it is or not.

To build an active and serious patent application, one needs a strong foundation which can only be established via a thorough search. This can only be believed if a professional patent attorney conducts it. In the end, you save yourself a lot of money, effort and more importantly your invention.

Author: SChapman

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